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Information For Providers

Clusivi manages flexible, interest-free payment plans that you offer to your patients who:

  • Don't have the immediate cash or credit available.
  • Don't qualify or chose not to utilize credit to take advantage of your services.

This is a layaway plan for your services that you don’t have to manage!

How Clusivi Works for Your Practice

You continue to charge your current, regular fees. Clusivi assesses the customer a non-refundable service fee payment equal to 10% of the total cost of the service/procedure they are interested in getting. Clusivi charges this fee at the time the customer registers for a payment plan through your practice.

In the same way layaway works for retail products, anyone can open a Clusivi payment plan, regardless of credit. There is no credit application and we never perform a credit check. The customer determines the payment schedule and amount of the recurring payments of their payment plan: they can select between monthly, twice monthly, or weekly payments. For monthly and twice monthly payment schedules, they also determine the date that the payment is due. For weekly payment schedules, they determine the day of the week that the payment is due. Payment plans cannot extend past 24 months.

We collect all payments on your behalf. This is done via ACH withdrawal. Once the customer has paid 85% of the total cost of the procedure (including the service fee), you provide the service/procedure. We continue to collect payments from the customer until payment is made in full. Moreover, we work with the customer to collect any missed payments prior to reaching the 85% payment point.

We do retain the right to cancel the customer’s payment plan and issue a refund, minus the 10% non-refundable service fee if we are not able to get them to make regularly schedule payments. If the customer is late on a payment after the procedure or service has been performed, Clusivi will work with the customer to collect the outstanding balance. Clusivi collects and saves the recurring payments made by the customer until the sum of payments made reaches 85% of the total due. We then perform a wire transfer to your bank account of 85% of the total cost of the procedure, minus the service fee.

Once 85% of the total cost of the procedure has been paid to your practice, we will contact the customer regarding any overdue payments. However, it is your responsibility to collect any unpaid balance.

Conversely, if the customer pays off the payment plan before the scheduled last payment due date, we encourage you to provide their service/procedure earlier than scheduled within reason. Naturally, this is left to your discretion (based on your ability to accommodate the request for an earlier treatment date). Before they make a decision to pay off their payment plan early--for the purpose of receiving earlier than scheduled service/procedure--we encourage customers to check with you about the ability to schedule them for an earlier date.

Customers may cancel a payment plan at any time and receive a refund of all recurring payments made. Again, the 10% service fee is non-refundable.

With Clusivi, you can begin accessing more patients than ever before!

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The most flexible payment plan for cosmetic surgery, cosmetic dental procedures and health and beauty treatments.

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